Aviv...a gathering place
Aviv exists to cultivate & nurture a gathering place within Bethel Christian Fellowship where the Presence of God dwells - so that His people may worship Him creatively, build friendships, pursue Truth, and enjoy excellence of hospitality.
The Cafe@Aviv is state-of-the-art. Aviv provides an ideal place to meet with friends, family, or to spend time with God. By the way, Aviv offers the best locally-roasted (Joe Bean!), Fair Trade coffee; locally-grown herbal teasans; and homemade pastries.
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Youth Mentorship
Our cafe is staffed primarily by volunteers, with a special emphasis teenagers. Through our team-based approach, youth receive job training, leadership development, and mentoring in the context of a cafe and catering services. We are looking for teens who are 13 and older, as well as the "young-at-heart" who are interested in volunteering and mentoring youth in an active coffeehouse setting.
Applications can be returned to Mikayla, Cafe Manager
What Does 'Aviv' Mean?
Aviv is a Hebrew word which comes from the root word Av, meaning the fresh, green shoot that comes up in spring. Aviv is associated with the barley harvest of spring in Israel. Thus, Aviv is about both the new & the mature plant--new & mature believers; new & mature creative works; new & mature ministries & businesses-- all working together to strengthen our church & our community. 
Aviv's Hours
- Fridays 6:30 - 10:00pm
- Sundays 8:15am - 12:30pm
- Wednesdays 5:30 - 8:30pm, during SOM
- Special Events
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Richmond Futch   
A.R.T.S. Gallery Director
Mikayla Skolaski   
Bookstore Manager
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Pastoral Oversight/Prayer



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