Prayer is communication with God; hearing his voice, asking questions, receiving answers, and then responding in obedience. It's all about a relationship with God.
The Prayer Ministry at Bethel seeks to encourage every believer to find his or her place in prayer. This is done through intentional relationship building; first, in a personal and intimate relationship with the Lord, and secondly, with other believers of like heart and mind. Agreement in prayer is powerful for affecting change in circumstances and lives, but it is most powerful when it is birthed out of genuine relationship with others. Because prayer is not a program, but an integral part of every person’s relationship with God, it is woven into the life of our Fellowship in every ministry thrust.
For those interested in connecting in prayer with others, we encourage you first to ask God to direct you to those individuals of like heart and mind. There are small prayer groups that meet throughout the week at different times and places - of every shape and variety.
It's also our desire to connect with the larger body of Christ in prayer to affect our region, nation, and other nations of the world. This is done in a variety of ways and through connections with congregations, organizations, and networks around our region and throughout the world.
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