Missions at Bethel
The missionaries we support have been sent out from Bethel to preach the Good News around the world. We support them through prayer, communication, and fundraising. With six regional leaders, we cover: Rochester/North America; Central/South America; Europe; Africa; Middle East; and Asia/Australia. 

Missionaries have a call similar to Abraham - to leave their home/country and go to a place that may be unfamiliar. Ministering to our missionaries' spiritual, emotional, and financial needs is not only how we partner with them - it's an honor.
How Can You Help?
Spiritually… support one of the regions in consistant prayer.
Emotionally… write letters that encourage, share scripture, and lets them know they are not forgotten.
Financially… be one who pledges yearly, opens your home to returning missionaries, and/or helps with transportation or other practical needs.
Our missionaries need you! To volunteer in our missions' ministry CLICK HERE. If you would like to be a missions prayer team member, CLICK HERE. If you want more details regarding Missions, contact Candy Giles.

Pastor Ron A. Domina
Senior Pastor
Director of CUFI Region 10

Candy Giles
Missions Coordinator

Lori Sousa
Israel Program Director
Associate Director of CUFI Region 10



Prayer focus for our missions teams!

Asia and Australia


North America

Middle East March/September
Europe April/October
Africa May/November

Central and South America


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